Customer Experience Platform

We transformed the customer experience of one of Australia's biggest energy retailers


ActewAGL has faced significant external pressure to transform the way it engages with its customers.

Like many energy retailers, ActewAGL has faced regulatory and competitive headwinds alongside shifting customer expectations and behaviours to reimagine how it does business.


We partnered on an ambitious multi-year transformation program

That began with data to gain a single view of ActewAGL’s customer, continued with people to realign its internal capability to deliver and culminated with the experience and technology to deliver its Customer Experience Platform (CXP) .

The CXP spans ActewAGL’s public website and its customer e-commerce platform to give customers rich, personalised experience with end-to-end control of their energy needs.



Isobar was more than an agency, it became ActewAGL’s mentor

As an outcome of this program of work, ActewAGL has been able to:


    • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction 
    • Maintain low industry churn
    • Enable internal capability across delivery, technology and experience, allowing them to continue their transformation journey