Klip Sports Studio

We enhanced the way Klip Sports delivers sporting highlights to fans


Reduce the amount of resources and energy that goes into creating sports highlights

The sports industry were stitching footage of multiple moments in a game, with multiple sponsor’s reels, and a myriad of other content that needed to be tailored to make just one highlight. That effort sometimes doubled, or even tripled, if you wanted to create bespoke highlights for various channels and platforms.


See highlights faster

Klip Sports allows clients like the Australian Footbal League and several American NFL teams to automate and highlight the production process so that multiple moments can be captured simultaneously, and in real-time. This reduced manpower and the time delay – fixing an industry-wide problem.


1. Since the project launch in 2019, over 2000 highlights have already been produced.
2. All those highlights have achieved a total of 2.5 million views.
3. 15% increase in engagement by increase the speed to publish, therefore, relevancy of content
4. Increased partnership satisfaction from content accuracy and speed to publish