We unearthed stories from the world's oldest living culture and brought them into the modern world.


Making information accessible

Participation in Indigenous tourism experiences was declining. Whilst market demand for authentic, cultural experiences was growing at a fast pace, people weren't able to find the right information and didn’t realise these experiences were available in metropolitan areas.


Australia’s Australia-first Aboriginal AR app

We found a way to surface stories to a market hungry for accessible, engaging cultural content: Ngarandi—the first step in allowing Australians to better understand and gain insights into the 60,000-year-old Aboriginal peoples and culture.


"I’ve been waiting for something like this I love hearing more about the true history - indigenous history - and learning more about the land. "

~1k downloads in under a month
Wide media coverage from tech publications to Indigenous press:
Sydney Morning Herald
The Age
WA today
Brisbane Times
National Indigenous Times
10 Daily
Ongoing content production from land councils, tourism boards etc.
4.9 star App Store rating:
"I hope more projects like this take off and develop a comprehensive accessible library of First Nation people stories and knowledge"