Tibor Molnar

Head of Business Unit, Digital Content Maintenance

Tibor graduated from the Budapest Business School and started working for Kirowski, Isobar, as Junior Account Executive, in 2002. With valuable web production and operative account management experience, he switched to the Walt Disney Internet Group, in 2004, to experience life at a multinational company. As the Digital Producer, he was involved with the maintenance of premium digital content services and MMORPGs, as well as with website design and development projects.

He re-joined us in 2008, as Technology Project Manager and handled numerous digital projects, mostly for Samsung, including the development of a complex CRM platform. Since 2013, he has been responsible for one of Isobar's key clients and for the dedicated team that helps with the daily maintenance of the client’s webshops across Europe. Tibor began his role as Head of Business Unit in 2016 and has built up and led Isobar's business unit that takes care of outsourced regular digital production tasks. His focus to always do the job perfectly has built a superb level of trust with the client assignments he is involved in

Tibor cycles to work all year round and spends most of his free time rock climbing and mountaineering.