30 March 2020

Isobar Spain introduces Isobar Good News - A positive news platform

Infoxication, a situation in which you receive too much information at one time and cannot think about it in a clear way; these days we live surrounded by information, news about everything, fake news, audio messages, memes… WhatsApp groups full of people that became judges, doctors, politicians, health and pandemic experts…

True or not, there is something common amongst all: this information is negative or very pessimistic.

We believe that infoxication and pessimism don´t help on confinement psychology. Despite all the darkness, there is always light somewhere.

We use Python to get content from the main media feeds and analyse the datasets with MeaningCloud.

Next, and based on the results from that analysis, we select with Beautiful Soup – Python – the positive news so we can generate the images with Photoshop. Lastly, we use Selenium to upload the images on our social media channels.

Because if the information turns into another virus, we must fight it by showing good news as an antidote, making it clear that the solution is in all of us. Find out more here.