10 December 2020

Isobar Portugal has just launched the new Grupo Nabeiro website.

The multinational Nabeiro Group is responsible for 25 companies in sectors, from that range from Industry to Hospitality and Distribution. They are best know for their main brands: Delta Cafés (Coffee roasting and distribution) and Delta Q (Coffee Capsule system), and they are guided by sustainability and innovation.

The website was designed to be clean, visually rich through photography, iconography and video, informative in a simple, interactive and functional way.

With a strong focus on content and the symbiosis between visual and written information that convey all the values of Grupo Nabeiro.

We designed it to be impactful, visually rich and as the aggregator of highlights for the macro areas of the site.

Technology wise, we used webgl to show Nabeiro Group’s operations all over the world.

We created a 3D navigational world in webgl through the threejs library. With this technology the user is allowed to have a broader idea of the direct operations and location of distributors in the world. The Navigation can be done by dragging the world and clicking on the darker points presented, or it can be done in a more traditional way by clicking on the drop’s and presenting links.

Be sure to visit Nabeiro Group’s own brands, their innovation center and projects, their sustainability strategy and Adega Mayor page which is the brand that showcases and is the fruit of Nabeiro’s great passion for wines and for his land, Campo Maior.