18 November 2019

Isobar wins Golden Effie award with its “Take Me Home” (Vigyél Haza) Foundation 1% Campaign

Isobar has won a Golden Effie award for a 1% donation campaign created for the “Take Me Home” (Vigyél Haza) Foundation in the Social Purposes category.
The challenge that we faced was that most people don't take the time to donate 1% of their personal income tax to a civil organisation – mainly because they forget to do it. We wanted to emphasize the importance of this type of donation in the name of a small dog shelter foundation called Vigyél Haza (Take Me Home). Since the Internet is overloaded with videos of cute animals - and we love watching these - we created a fake Facebook account sending people to a fake website (elolvadsz.hu, meaning meltaway.hu) where they could watch videos of cute dogs. The twist: the videos stopped loading at 99%, because 1% was missing. This is how we encouraged people to donate their 1% on the website of the foundation. In the end we helped the foundation to collect enough money to cover their yearly operational budget – even exceeding our previous goal, and collected 72% more funds than in the year before.