7 May 2021

Isobar evolution marks Next-Gen Innovation and Design as the future

Isobar has evolved its positioning and brand identity, with a focus on innovation & design to deliver creative experience solutions for brands. The move comes in response to an acceleration of client digital transformation programmes, leading to an increased importance of distinctive and meaningful creative brand interfaces and experiences.

“The goal is to bring a stronger visual aesthetic to the brand with a clear design & innovation focus. We developed a set of visuals that represent the craft we put into our work. The orange dot is still a central element in a composition that extends with a set of objects that capture the spirit of our agency tagline and way of working - Invent Make Change.” — Daniel Sytsma, Chief Design Officer, Isobar and Creative, dentsu



Isobar has shared its evolved offering around strategy and innovation, product & innovation, brand design & systems and content & comms. The agency has introduced ‘Brand Identity & Systems,’ a new offering to bring together craft in brand identity expertise, paired with experience in building digital design systems. Isobar will be working with other design and identity specialists within dentsu as part of the offering to deliver the new Brand Design & Systems service.

“We’ve seen an acceleration of new digital behaviours and patterns emerge from this pandemic. What stands out is that experience has only become an even bigger focus for how consumers are making choices around the brands they invite into their lives. We have always evolved our agency offering around human & cultural truths, so are making the brand a more integral part of our design & experience offering. Our strength is to connect these worlds both in terms of an updated service offering & a proces that reflects how we work with our clients and one that represents our culture. Brands are increasingly looking for a powerful vision for the future that (re)defines who they are, supported by a digital design system that delivers that vision for a connected world.” — Sven Huberts, Head of Innovation and Design, dentsu and Managing Partner, Isobar



Since the genesis of Isobar in 2004, the agency has cultivated a culture of innovation and design. The agency has a track record of disruptive creative, proved by award-winning work including Volkswagen Road Tales, Aeronaut, KFC Pocket Stores, Boss Touch & Go and Cadillac Live Store. More recently, as part of dentsu International the agency partnered with Malaria No More to launch the Draw The Line Against Malaria campaign, bringing together pop culture, art and technology to fight mankind's oldest and deadliest enemy: malaria. 



We have introduced ‘Invent, Make, Change’ as our framework & tagline, capturing its spirit and way of working.