22 February 2021

Build stronger relations with your customers through Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Meet Salesforce Marketing Cloud: powerful, versatile, cloud-based platform that lets you automate your marketing processes, streamline communication with your customers and drive your revenue up through increased efficiency.

Marketing Cloud lets you build a 360-degree view of every customer. Learn more about your customers and target them with relevant messages through the right channels at the right time. Optimize your processes for maximum impact, control your marketing campaign budget and get detailed reporting on your communication performance.

Marketing automation has significant transformative potential for your business. The data that you collect from your customers lets you design complex journeys that are tailored to their specifics. Instead of bombarding your customers with identical mass emails, you can create personalized offers that are based on the customer's activity and delivered through their preferred channel – be it email, social network messaging, or even SMS. Such personalized communication also builds up your brand image and drives customer loyalty.

Marketing Cloud can even tie together your customers' online and in-store activities. With 360-degree customer view, your sales reps will have better overview of your customers' past activities, preferences, and purchases, and can then adjust their selling strategy accordingly. AI-powered algorithms can predict your customers' future behavior and spending, and your sales team can focus on offering the right solution that fits the customer's needs and budget.

Isobar has already helped implement Marketing Cloud in numerous sectors while respecting the specifics of each client. Find out more about our Marketing Cloud implementations in banking sector (Bank of Georgia), insurance industry (RIXO), entertainment sector (Planeta Kino), transportation and delivery (Liftago) or NGO sector (Loono).

The most recent addition to the pool of Marketing Cloud tools is Interaction Studio, previously known as Evergage. Interaction Studio helps you improve and personalize customer experience across numerous touchpoints and gather insights in real time. Isobar has now expanded its service portfolio with Interaction Studio approval for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

With Interaction Studio, you can identify specific customers from a list of anonymous individuals, build and maintain unique customer profiles, monitor their activity across various communication channels, capture important customer data and design truly personalized 1-to-1 campaigns that drive customer engagement. AI-driven algorithms help recommend the ideal products to customers, suggest next best actions, and improve their experience throughout the entire journey.

Find out more about Isobar's SFMC and Interaction Studio proficiencies on our Marketing Automation blog, or book a free consultation with one of our Marketing Cloud experts here.