28 March 2019

Cadillac Partners with Isobar Canada to redefine shopping experience

Cadillac has converted 10,000 square foot Toronto film studio into a first-of-its-kind digital showroom.
Called 'Cadillac Live', a one-part personal shopper, one-part interactive digital showroom the experience was created by Isobar Canada. The immersive brand experience gives luxury buyers the ability to conveniently explore the styling and features one-on-one with a Live Agent from anywhere and on any device.

“We're so excited and proud to be part of this industry-first, global initiative which was developed and is being launched by Canadian talent right here in Toronto,” said Ryan Paterson, Creative Director, Isobar Canada.

“Today’s consumers are more informed than ever, and they're doing more research online before making their way to the dealership, yet many find the online research process confusing and intimidating. With Cadillac Live, we've reimagined what online car shopping looks like and put the consumer at the centre of the experience. Leveraging innovative technology, we've created a personalized, seamless environment, where consumers can research and explore every element of the product line and ask questions in real time and more importantly, on their own time, from anywhere.”

The Cadillac Live shopping experience is unparalleled in its ability to provide a personalized window into a Cadillac vehicle, going beyond current online dealer offerings. Taking the experience beyond industry standards like instant messaging and “build your own” functionality, Cadillac connects consumers with live agents equipped with live-streaming mobile Steadicams and Bluetooth headsets, giving shoppers a live video tour with multiple dynamic views of the vehicles so they can explore and discuss every detail of the vehicle. Every agent is equipped with an app interface that allows them to showcase any colour, wheel, and accessory option on-screen for the consumer during the session. Once the Live experience is complete and a shopper has found their desired model configuration, they are connected with a local dealer to book a test drive.

Cadillac Live is the first major launch Isobar Canada has led after being awarded AOR in mid- 2018.
Cadillac Live will be accessible to the public for eight hours a day (6PM – 2AM EST), five days a week at www.cadillac.Live