Intel: Evo Interactive Showroom

A New Spin on Retail for the 2020 Holiday Season


How do you create a luxury tech sales experience when in-person sales are discouraged due to the pandemic? With a totally interactive augmented reality showroom. Intel came to dentsu teams looking to create a cohesive media plan that amplifies the creative construct and delivers a fully integrated program showing the value of the new Evo laptops. Intel wanted to target a specific audience of 16.9M individuals they call Mobile Go Getters (MGG), who are defined by three distinctive characteristics:

  • Passionate: driven by their passion to build, create and succeed
  • Performance-Driven: High-performance and results at the core
  • Image Driven: Brands must say something about who they are

Mobile Go Getters are motivated by:

  • Stimulation: Excitement, novelty and challenge in life
  • Achievement: Personal success through demonstrating competence according to social standards
  • Power: Social status and prestige

The teams needed to devise a way to send messaging to the pre-defined audience in the digital locations they are most often visiting.


Integrated dentsu teams used insights gained from previous campaigns combined with innovations that began with an IdeaJam collaboration technique to iterate and launch a high impact campaign that breaks through the noise and builds excitement and momentum for Evo targeting Intel’s custom Mobile Go Getter audience. The opportunity included a three-phased plan to help Intel audiences complete online purchases.

Pay Off Passion: Contextually align media and creative with target audience passions. Incorporate top motivations for media partnerships.

Expand Channels: Expand channels outside of social into streaming video and audio to drive incremental reach and awareness.

Lead with Video: Continue a video-led approach across multiple formats to drive preference and ultimately purchase intent.

In a newly all digital world, dentsu integrated teams helped Intel develop an interactive showroom to reinvent the buying experience; customers can virtually ‘look around,’ talk to an expert and make a digital purchase. The Evo Shopping Experience leverages the basic principles of the instore experience but through innovative, first-to-market activations. Dentsu teams helped bring the best of instore-buying experiences to the Mobile Go Getter audience by virtually recreating the shopping experience with 3D activation on desktop and AR simulation on mobile so shoppers can experience the five OEM laptops including weight, keyboard features, screen brightness and other aesthetic features. Additionally, we enlisted the help of live tech experts to act as virtual salespeople available through a new Google chatbot ad unit called AdLingo. What followed was an increase in familiarity via exposures, engagements and visits by targeting specified audiences with a Rally, Reward & Inspire and Recognize & Inform strategy.

Rally – 16.9M MGGs targeted to cultivate interest and drive awareness in the Intel Evo experience.

Reward & Inspire – 10M MGGs targeted to engage and drive consideration towards actively shopping Intel Evo products.

Recognize & Inform – 7M MGGs targeted to educate and drive purchase intent once interacting with the Intel Evo showroom.


What resulted was a wide-reaching campaign across many platforms, tools and collaborations including media partnerships, social, premium programmatic and search. Intel and dentsu integrated teams were able to achieve an Evo shopping experience powered by Google. Additionally, the Evo campaign:

  • The interactive showroom had a 4x stronger ‘Show Now’ CTA than our other benchmarks.
  • Reached 98% of the Mobile Go-Getter audience, 18pp above the planned reach of 80% at a 7x frequency.
  • Adlingo desktop/mobile performed 2.2x/1.8x Google’s benchmark, with a 1.27% engagement rate.
  • Our desktop 3D showroom drove a 10.54% CTR to ‘Shop Now’ pages.
  • The interactive showroom drove an 8.7% page content interaction rate, over 7x our standard page content interaction rate.