Beats Tempo

Tempo is a suite of digital tools designed to educate and train a global audience on Beats’ most cutting-edge products — taking rich, interactive storytelling to a new level, allowing audiences to experience products before they had even been realized.


Beats came to us with a unique set of problems: How do you sell a product that’s still in development? How do you experience a product you can’t yet hold or even hear? Moreover, how do you do it at scale, make it personal, and reach an audience from sell-in to the sales floor. Tempo is a suite of digital tools crafted to educate users on Beats latest innovations. Designed for learners of all types — meticulously rendered 3D models, motion graphics, and an immersive engaging narrative brought complex product features to life in an easy-to-understand format that simulated the experience of holding and using the products while they were still in development.


Tempo redefined the way Beats and Apple engages, connects, and educates audiences — it launched in 20+ languages, trained over 600,000 employees world-wide, and saw pre-order channel sales rise 2.13x — fundamentally changing how they bring new product initiatives to market — and we’re just getting started.