Step into Scotland

Portal AR

We helped Brand Scotland transport their potential visitors, students, workers and investors to Scotland.


Visiting Scotland with AR technology

Millions of people around the world know that Scotland is jam-packed with stunning sights, rich history, and vibrant culture. Yes – we’ve got kilts, whisky and haggis – but what about everything else?!

#ScotlandIsNow sets out to tell the new story of Scotland: as a bold and positive country rich in history and heritage, but leading the world in a way that is progressive, pioneering, innovative and inclusive. We wanted to transport potential visitors, students, workers and investors from anywhere in the world into the Scotland of Now. 


A portal to the unknown

Using a world-first, we harnessed the latest AR technology to enable users to create a ‘portal’ within their environment via their smartphone.


With a tap of the screen, a virtual doorway to Scotland would appear in almost any space which the user could literally step into and instantly arrive in Scotland where, using a simple interface, they could explore amazing experiences.


From travelling the North Coast 500 on the back of a motorcycle, to paragliding over Ben Nevis or having a look around some of Scotland's top campuses and even the testing laboratory of Scotland’s leading satellite producer - users could sample and experience a little of what Scotland offers for themselves without setting foot on a plane.


A success for Scotland

The portal has gone onto international acclaim, making headlines around the world. It has already acquired a coveted Favourite Website Awards of the day award which recognises the best in digital creativity. In the first three months alone users have explored Scotland using over 46,000 portals, across Android and iOS platforms.