Studio B

Clydesdale Bank & Yorkshire Bank

We created, in partnership with Four by Two, an engaging touch screen interactive for Studio B. The final product needed to communicate Studio B's fresh and innovative approach to banking, while encouraging visitors to test their skills with a fun bit of technology!


Making Banking Fun

Our role in the project was to create the visuals for the game. We were inspired by classic arcade styles and wanted to create something which was both eye-catching yet simple to understand and play. Choosing vector style graphics and simple game layouts allowed our team to prototype quickly, as time was limited on this project.


The objective of the game was to catch the falling "pinballs" (which represent money) into the "fun pot" (which represents a savings account) at the bottom of the screen. Throughout the game, there were obstacles and hidden costs trying to stand in your way.


The Installation

Though the design and build happened in Edinburgh, the final product needed to be delivered to Kensington High Street in London. A small team headed over to set up and test the game in situ, working out all the kinks before the grand opening the following week.


The final design utilised the new touchscreen technology perfectly and communicated the Studio B brand ethos in a bold and exciting way.


A Top Table

The interactive became a great conversation starter between staff and customers within the successful launch of the Studio B lab. The impact of the touch table was measured using a range of integrated tech systems within Studio B, including one which measured smiles as a key indicator for success.

The project was awarded for its innovation by winning Best Point Of Sale at the Scottish Creative Awards.