Shiseido Design System


We created a design system that provided a single source of truth for Shiseido’s digital assets.


The earlier digital style guide was a large PDF which was difficult to navigate and follow by cross functional teams across regions.

We needed a new online, easy to use resource that the brand holder team could use to communicate their brand, leading to greater consistency across the regional sites.


We built a dedicated design system website that syncs with our UI Library, so we have a single source of truth for Shiseido’s digital assets.

Users from all over the world can be added in seconds, giving Shiseido a consistent design foundation to work from across all their global digital platforms.

This is already leading to greater consistency and allowing for clarity on what is expected of each region to ensure Shiseido’s premium brand experience is delivered globally.


The final design system housed over 300 digital components, allowing greater consistency and clarity.

The framework has since been adopted by 6 global regions.