Tech Ads Reimagined


Be transported back to the golden age of advertising with our content for USwitch


Content that ranks

Price comparison website Uswitch wanted to create an attention-grabbing piece of blog content that would promote greater user engagement and boost their search engine rankings. They wanted it to also communicate their passion for innovation and efficiency.


Reinventing the most revolutionary tech inventions of today

In collaboration with IProspect Manchester, we set out to revel in today’s latest tech – but with a twist.


The 1950’s were a time of great change, particularly in the home. More people were working, had more money, and wanted more efficient options in their lives. Today we have that same desire for efficiency and ease, so it made sense to bring that 1950’s ad aesthetic to our modern technology.


All posters were created in-house using a combination of photo manipulation and digital painting.


The final article for USwitch was shared on Creative Bloq, Design Taxi and Fast Company blogs, among others.

Moreover, 34 links were gained.