Mindful SMM


We developed a new strategy that meets the current user agenda.


Refresh communication and brand positioning using an updated strategy

Return the Panasonic brand to the Top of Mind of Ukrainian consumers.


Reach growth - more than 350 000 on Facebook every month and 500 000 on Instagram

In the process of research, we found that the knowledge about the brand is great, but the conversion to purchase is less than that of competitors. This problem was due to the fact that the brand was not updated on the modern agenda and did not communicate.


Panasonic's new philosophy

TA coverage - more than 350 000 on Facebook per month, more than 500 000 on Instagram per month (excluding stories). ER - more than 5% on FB and more than 20% on Instagram. We also organized a local food photography and are preparing another one. Previously, the brand worked only with global images that were far from Ukrainian specifics.