Pernod Ricard Ukraine project with game

Pernod Ricard

We created a game website to educate a young audience about responsible consumption.


Communicate with a young target about correct alcohol consumption

Development of a CSR project for one of the alcohol leaders of Ukraine - Pernod Ricard.The purpose of the Remember Everything platform is to enter the territory of responsible alcohol consumption from a non-standard side. The main thing is to convey the right message in the language of the audience: without a mentoring tone of voice and all sorts of teachings.


6500 players and 64% of them made it to the end

The agency has developed and implemented a website-game Remember everything. The purpose of which is interesting and simple to teach young people to drink alcohol responsibly. Game form, 12 unique characters and each has its own mission - our recipe for a direct hit in the heart of the audience.


Games VS Myths

In a few weeks, we got 6,500 players, 42% of whom made it to the end. We are pursuing a course to scale and develop the game in other markets ☺
Pernod Ricard Ukraine project with a game

Pernod Ricard Ukraine project with a game