Arko Digital Target Brand Rejuvenation Campaign


We developed a website with viral videos to tell a young audience about the benefits of the product.


Attract the attention of a young audience to the brand

The ARKO brand was actively promoted some time ago and the audience managed to mature. The agency was faced with the task of changing the perception of the brand to a more modern one. A solution was required that would allow to rejuvenate the consumer audience and, as a result, to maintain market share against the background of active competitors.


Market share growth +4pp and 29,000 participants in the promotion

A promo-site with viral videos was created, in which, through the prism of the interests of a young and active target audience, the unique properties of shaving foam were conveyed. The solution assumed the use of virtual reality technology from Samsung, which was first presented in Ukraine.


Brave ideas for brave brand

The market share in the period June-August in 2016 showed an increase of + 4pp.Views - 500 000+, participants of the promotion - 29 000, coverage of 12+ million + organic reach of TA is 0.6 million.
Arko Digital Target Brand Rejuvenation Campaign

Arko Digital Target Brand Rejuvenation Campaign