A smart app for delivery drivers

Brødrene Dahl

A tool for making the delivery driver’s workday easier and providing a better experience for the customer – what’s not to like?


Delivering 60,000 orders a month means a truckload of paperwork. There must be a smarter way.

Brødrene Dahl is Denmark's largest plumbing wholesaler with hundreds of drivers on the roads. They deliver over 60,000 orders a month, requiring planning, documentation and paperwork. Errors occur, job satisfaction suffers and valuable time is wasted. How can you get rid of the everyday hassle and provide the delivery drivers with a smarter solution?


With BD Smart Logistics, drivers get an app that keeps all the tasks in one place.

BD Smart Logistics is a native app that creates a much better workflow. It tells the driver where meet, he scans the goods with the camera while the app calculates the optimal route. On delivery he takes a picture of the goods “on location” so the customer knows exactly where they are. All resulting in less paperwork, fewer errors, happier drivers and more satisfied customers.


Delivering 60,000 orders a month means a truckload of paperwork for Brødrene Dahl.

Greater work satisfaction, fewer errors and up to 30 minutes saved daily.