How the new brand Fight On won on 618 Shopping Festival


The 618 Shopping Festival has been a hugh sales opportunity for brands while brands are meeting new challenges with limited user base, fiercer competition and difficulties obtaining traffic. How to attract new customers and drive sales become no easy task for new brands.


Fight On as a newly incubated brand of Standard Foods Group, using dentsu Creative Commerce solutions in collaboration with Isobar, lauched the new product campaign on and off the eCommerce platforms with a precision targeting marketing strategy across channels, which achieved a 600% increase in sales in the first hour of the 618 Shopping Festival. The newly established brand made a fantastic debut in the healthy food world, with its name listed on Alimama's 618 TOP100 Super Showcases.

Brand Evolution

Fight On launched its new healthy dietary supplement "Lutein Ester Drink" on the occasion of 618 eCommerce Festival. With the core strategy combining Uni Desk (Alimama marketing tool) to drive traffic from off-site mainstream media, on-site marketing promotion, influencers and doctors making buzz on social media, and Taobao livestreaming, we communicate with consumers about the importance of eye protection based on various senarios across eCommerce and short video platforms to enhance brand awareness.

Target Audience Strategy

Based on the TA research prior to the campaign, the brand defined three major demographic profiles with a focus on healthy lifestyles. Through Alimama marketing tools (Biz Advisor, Databank and Dharma Pan public domain and private domain) and consumers' behaviors on Taobao, the brand drew a full piture of consumers’ behavioral portraits and then locked the key target. With differentiated scenes and IP images, the brand invested in full-link marketing and retargeting through Alimama's off-site and on-site placement tools. The campaign’s TA penetration rate reached 24%, new customer obtained and purchase increased to 94%+, GMV increased by 1794% year-on-year, realizing the full-link marketing effect.

Campaign Reach

Off-site: According to the core TA of the brand (matched against Alimama marketing tools) and the eCommerce search habits of the product category consumers, the Uni Desk categorized and explored the audiences to be reached, and optimized the placements with differentiated materials for different TA, which garnered a great number of potential consumers ready for the 618 shopping craze.

In-site: Through a series of alimama tools such as Brand Special Show, Zhitongche, Diamond Show and internet celiebrities’ livestreaming, the brand consolidated the traffic sources to its online flagship store, effectively enhanced users' visit to the store, deepened the brand impression, which drove sales and the shopping craze throughout the shopping festival.

Product Upgrade

We tested short videos on social media and fully utilized the campaign materials. At the same time, we introduced lucky draw for consumers to get coupons on the online store which has brought a large number of fans to the store.

IP Image

We applied Lutein Ester Drink’s cute IP Image “Sheng Ang Ang” to branded scenarios and promoted off-site and on-site, quickly captured the favor of the brand profiled population.


In the post-pandemic era, the change of people’s health awareness as well as consumption mentality has brought more business opportunities for healthy food market and brands. Isobar is committed to find inspirations from these opportunities, integrate social commerce and e-commerce capabilities, to connect and interact with consumers at every touch point. Empowered by our Creative Commerce solutions, we help brands elevate consumer experience to be meaningful in the entire journey and create more driving forces for the brand growth.