Mickey on Tmall Super Brand Day


“Digital communication should not be limited in the single development of creativity or technology, but should integrate brand thinking, interactive experience and technology innovation at the same time, to successfully impress consumers.”


Previously, Tmall Super Brand Day was more to do with many different brands’ individual Double Eleven Day. For the first time, Tmall Super Brand Day in collaboration with IP Mickey connected 35 brands with more than 900 themed products to debut on one Tmall Super Brand Day through a new IP 2B2C model. 


In the campaign of Mickey on Tmall Super Brand Day, Isobar made full use of the distinctive characteristics of Tmall Super Brand Day and IP Mickey, in combination with innovative technology, to create a brand-new interactive experience that directly reaches the hearts of consumers.

"Mickey" who can "understand" consumers' wishes

By capitalising on Tmall voice recognition technology, we enabled "Mickey" to "understand" users' wishes in line with the core idea of "Believe that Beauty Belongs to You". Mickey will send you back an "OK" gesture If you make a wish to him. This set of IP Mickey’s moves is tailor-made for the Mickey Tmall Super Brand Day, which is unique among all other creative applications around the world.

"Mickey" can not only produce different reactions to voice tones, but can also link back-end data to recommend Tmall Super Brand Day products that match voice keywords. Users also have the opportuniy to win a limited edition Mickey Tmall Super Gift Box, of which only 2020 items have been produced globally .

Mickey's "voice wish" achieved great popularity. On the launch day, the total PV was as high as 90,000+, with an average visiting time of up to 56.6 seconds, and the conversion volume of each part reached 78%. 

Mickey and Minnie "showed up" in the subway station

At Offline, Isobar redesigned the 12 largest pillars at one of the busiest Shanghai subway stations with multi-screen AR interactive technology, which broke the limitations of outdoor advertising and truly realized the O2O super experience.

Using 3D optical illusion technology, IP Mickey and Minnie "showed up" in the subway playing hide-and-seek across the screens on the 12 pillars. By connecting with mobile phones and screens through AR technology, users could “call out” IP Mickey to their phones. Make a wish then the products related to the key word are shown on your Tmall app as well as on the pillar screens. The whole offline and online experience is fully connected. 

A gift box that will "walk" into consumers' hearts

The super gift box is extremely important for Tmall Super Brand Day, not only as the carrier of the spirit of Tmall Super Brand Day, but also as an important material to convey Tmall and brands’ stories to consumers.

The cover of the box is made of Moore stripe technology that consumers can pull and push on the gift box allowing IP Mickey to "walk" forward vividly. Moore stripes are generally only used in greeting cards or children's books, while rarely used in gift boxes. Moreover normally only black and white are adopted in order to reduce risks. However, Isobar chose to take the challenges of applying the classic Mickey in color for optimum presentation, which is the first of its kind ever.

The inclusions represent Mickey Super Brand Day's blessings to consumers, including Mickey toys, Mickey Tmall Super Brand Day custom handbags, and branded calendars to represent the brands’ company with consumers. There are also bookmarks made with classic Mickey film clips, and each printed with an "exclusive number". 


This “Brands Family Fun" broke the conventional model of single-brand cooperation that had previously taken place in over 400 Tmall Super Brand Day events. Many Mickey custom products were sold out immediately after launch, including Maybelline, Aurora air cushion, and Hershey chocolate gift boxes. It created more than 10 million turnover and over 400 million impressions, which helped it win the New Business Super Impact Award in Tmall TOP TALK 2020 over other top brands.

It also created a new model of Tmall Super Brand Day and IP cooperation, as well as a new business format with large numbers of domestic and international top brands gathering on the same brand day. With Isobar China Group creative and innovation capabilities, Disney Mickey in cooperation with Tmall Super Brand Day for the first time created the brilliant effect of 1+1>2.

Leveraging IP‘s cultural value and emotional satisfaction, Tmall empowers young consumers with a new connection and provides brands with a new show platforming. In this way the brand can truly win the hearts of consumers, revitalizing Tmall Super Brand Day with completely new model.