Gintama Live in KFC

KFC has broken barriers for all previous collaborations with IPs. They targeted young people through the 250 million fans in the ACG (anime, comics and games) community. In collaboration with Gintama – one of the top three Japanese animes, KFC launched exclusive content, products and themed stores that fully integrated the brand and IP to allow fans to live their culture.


There are 250 million fans in the ACG community in China. KFC aimed to mobilize the popularity and brand awareness among these young generations by launching ‘younger’ and more ‘entertaining’ campaigns.


To bring the fictional world of Gintama to the real world, KFC creative team partnered with Gintama Production Committee, launched exclusive content, products and themed stores customized to the Gintama audience.  
First of all, exclusive episodes, where the 3 Gintama leads opened their office Yolozuya inside a KFC China store.
Secondly, exclusive product. Based on the lead of Gintama - Gintoki Sakata has a sweet tooth - this along with his unmistakable silver hair, inspired the launch of a special sea salt ice cream, named Gintoki-san Okinawa Sea Salt Ice Cream.
Last but not the least, customers get the opportunity to step into the Gintama world at a KFC through their brand-new themed stores. In the meantime, they can get the same experience on the KFC Super APP!


This full cultural immersion has attracted a number of fans rushing to KFC stores for Gintama’s ‘Everything’s OK’ set meal and sea salt ice cream. The addition of added value products led to even greater popularity. 
Meanwhile, the ACG community was flooded with the UGC created by enthusiastic fans which included Gintama cosplay.