Climate Reality Project

Climate Action

We worked with Sustainable Action on Climate Change to empower individuals and spread the message about the urgency of climate change.


How to drive action?

The Climate Reality Project (CR) aims to empower individuals in various communities to spread the message about the urgency of climate change through their intensive training course led by Al Gore. Over the years, they’ve recognised that understanding the urgency is not enough; post-training there is a clear decline in the inspiration and guidance needed to turn their newfound knowledge into action.


Hacking the future

Leveraging Climate Action's collective of diverse minds, we partnered to help support more sustainable action on climate change. In cross-disciplinary teams, we each developed a concept that could incentivise more action and creative solutions were shared back at the end of the day-long rapid design process.

Diverse minds led to diverse concepts with ideas ranging from access to a repository of information and resources; a pop-in, physical space for the wider community to learn about climate change from ambassadors; a post-training, local hackathon; as well as bolstering the connection between trainees to keep the passion burning.