Peugeot e-Store


We created the first official e-commerce for an automotive company in Argentina and we launched it with the sale of the Peugeot 308 S.


Change the way of buying cars

We are used to buying almost everything online, but automakers did not offer users this option.


The first automotive e-commerce in Argentina

We created the Peugeot e-store, a store where users can complete the purchase of their vehicle from start to finish, quickly, simply and safely. For the launch of the store we chose the Peugeot 308 S, the most technological vehicle in its category.


Digital adoption

In the first week of presale, we sold +10 Peugeot 308 S. Then we exceeded 540 vehicles sold during Hot Sale and Hot Days, and lastly, we achieved more than 60 scheduled maintenance visits per month since the launch of the e-store.