Promo Cruzados


Lays & Toddy launched a promo together, and, como todo feat, resultó ser un hitazo.


Two powers come together

Toddy and Lay’s got together to launch a promo together, and it was necessary to communicate it in a shocking way, reflecting the surprising combination of sweet and salty.


A feat which turned out to be a milestone

We brought together two advocates? from two totally different worlds: Ariel Puchetta, group leader from cumbia Ráfaga, and Jimena Barón, the new pop star at the moment. We recorded a reversal of the Ráfaga hit and created content that we shared on different platforms and formats: TV, Vía Pública, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Youtube.


A milestone that was a success

We achieved an online reach of more than 4.7 million of users, reaching 55% of the defined target.