Peugeot 3008 Launch


For the launch of the new SUV 3008 in Argentina, we developed a comprehensive strategy in stages, which included content on social networks, an event, graphics and a new website.


A special launch

The arrival of the SUV 3008 in Argentina meant the launch of a new image for Peugeot. We created a totally different strategy from the rest of the launches.


Strategy in stages

We organised the content strategy into 4 stages that ran simultaneously in which we produced all kinds of content: teasers, an event within a 360º DOMO, stories, satisfying videos, a website, and tactical pieces.


The most viewed of the year

We achieved first place as the most viewed content of the year according to YouTube Ads Leaderboard, with more than 13 million views. We doubled the amount of leads expected and, most importantly, we sold out.