Copenhagen V

Senior Creative Technologist

This spring we’re launching the largest, most ambitious innovation lab for products, services and experiences in the Nordics.
We will help leading Nordic brands accelerate their innovation efforts with design thinking, experience-led transformation and technology-driven innovation. And we need you to deliver this new service.

As our Senior Creative Technologist, you will be tasked with:

  • Concept development for products, services and experiences
  • A key player in innovation sprints and prototyping projects
  • Presales workshops and proposals
  • Cross-solution consulting on the Adobe Experience Platform
  • Presenting for and inspiring clients about new technology
  • Prototyping with tools such as Adobe Aero, Sayspring, Unity, Zigbee, Arduino and others

Businesses are screaming for a new way of innovating – of creating new products, services and experiences that stick. To meet that demand, Isobar now launches the Isobar Nowlab – a unique offering to all Nordic companies in need of an accelerated innovation pipeline.

Isobar Nowlab is one of a kind in the Nordics. An innovation space at our Christianshavn offices staffed by people who for years have been working not just a getting good ideas but at making them tangible reality. Designers, concept developers and technologists who are capable of moving from technology and business opportunity to real, working prototypes, not in years or months, but in weeks.

We are a great lot of dedicated people here in Copenhagen, and while Isobar surely means something different to everyone, it is indeed quite unique. We make room for you to be yourself and room to become even more. And so you will be an important part of our culture and a spirit that we always take good care of. In fact taking care of each other, our clients and the world we live in is very important to us. If you want to join us and dedicate yourself to your nearest colleagues, the teams you will be part of, the projects you will work on and the clients you will work for, we will treat you with …

  • A great workplace in the middle of the city
  • The chance to think beyond any boundary - in your daily life as well as your career
  • A fun, diverse work day with lots of challenges
  • The smartes and sweetest colleagues in the industry
  • Denmark's best kitchen with excellent breakfast and lunch - every day
  • Friday bar, wine tasting club, running club, cool parties and events

We are looking for candidates matching these specs:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science/engineering or similar
  • Good business understanding
  • Strong presentation and communication skills
  • An inquisitive mind and a thirst for the new
  • Well-developed emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Knowledge of/willingness to learn the products within the Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Relevant experience with digital innovation, marketing technology and product development.
  • Knowledge of frontend development (React) is a plus

Isobar combines being close to you with a worldwide presence. We are more than 225 colleagues here in Copenhagen joined in the the global Isobar with 6,500 people. Several years in a row, Isobar has been named one of the most innovative and visionary digital agencies in the world - "a Global Leader". Furthermore we are part of Dentsu - one of the world's largest agency networks – giving us even more leverage and resources to tap into. But size is not all. In Isobar it is our mission to transform both businesses and people's lives through the creative use of digital. More than anything else it requires skills, passion and cooperation to be able to do that.

Isobar was formerly Magnetix Linked by Isobar.
Mylmage has named us best digital agency for the past six years.


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