Tivoli’s digital transformation

Tivoli’s digital transformation

Tivoli Gardens

Rethinking the basic customer relationship enables a better and more integrated guest experience in Tivoli Gardens' familiar, magical settings.

The results

20% more annual cardholders | 2 X more app-users | 8 X app revenue.

The challenge

Can you put 175 years of tradition through a giant digital transformation without losing the magic?

Although Tivoli Gardens is always like never before, it takes courage to pull the lever of transformation and change the very pillars on which 175 years of tradition rest. But it would not be Tivoli Gardens if it didn’t have the courage and willingness to change and improve. The challenge was to make Tivoli Gardens intriguing and relevant all year long.


The solution

The new Tivoli Gardens ties together all touchpoints to give the guest the best experience possible.

With a hefty technical setup and a fundamental change in how to remain a customer, Tivoli Gardens has created a complete digital transformation. Admission has become membership, the annual renewal for cardholders is now an ongoing subscription with the possibility of monthly payment and – perhaps most importantly – a new app, new digital services and a whole new loyalty concept now support a 360-degree guest experience.