Lilly returns quotes to 6 million email

Lilly returns quotes to 6 million email


It makes a world of difference having a genius onboard when requests are pouring in. And even more so when every minute counts.

The results

99% of the emails categorized correctly and all emails answered in seconds.

The challenge

Satair must deliver spare parts quickly, but how do you manage quotes to 6 million emails?

It costs up to $ 500,000 a day to keep an aircraft on the ground while waiting for spare parts. Every year, Satair receives over 6 million emails with queries: some in excel sheets, some exported from customers' own systems, others just in free-text and finally the odd photos, post-its, drawings etc. They take precious time to understand and answer even if you do everything humanly possible.

The solution

Satair left this job to Lilly, who never sleeps, but just gets smarter every day.

Lilly receives, analyses and responds to mails from customers in a fraction of a second. She consists of sophisticated recognition software to match the customer's inquiries with Satair's products, she checks the customer relationship, availability, delivery based on the customer's geographical location, customer-specific prices, etc. And then she returns a quote made ready for order dispatch.