MyImage 2020: New name, same ranking


MyImage 2020: New name, same ranking

”Isobar” is the new name at the top of the business’ image-ranking. And thus, the new name has successfully taken up the baton from “Magnetix linked by Isobar”.

Martin Bochineck, CEO Isobar Nordics, says: “Since 2014 Magnetix has been the strongest brand in the business of digital agencies. April 5th, 2019, we changed our name for good to Isobar. For this reason, we’ve been excited to see the MyImage 2020 analysis that gives a yearly indicator of how advertisers perceive the agencies. The joy was great, when the results landed on our table: In spite of the name change we keep our number one ranking in the business.”

With a brand strength of 200, Isobar is ahead of number two with close to 40%. The Isobar-brand has (re)launched successfully on the Danish market. But the mission is not completed: “We continue the hard work with telling the story about Isobar Nordics so the market sees that Isobar has not only taken over from Magnetix, but is actually stronger than ever, and, through the international network, has gained completely new opportunities to help our clients create the customer experiences of tomorrow and transform their business results with the creative use of digital”, Martin Bochineck adds

Copenhagen, Denmark

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