Magnetix is now Isobar

For almost three years, we have been Magnetix Linked by Isobar. Now we take the step fully, tear off the patch and renaming to Isobar.

New name, same change

In principle, everything is as before - that is, full speed of change and innovation. We are the same and have been fully integrated into Isobar for a long time. At the same time, we are not the same. And when we change names, it is to clearly and show that we are 100% part of a global agency with competencies and muscles that will be crucial in the future.

We run our business, as we have always run it, but with a lot on top: Resources, frame works and capabilities that we did not have before the merger with Isobar.
- Martin Bochineck, CEO, Isobar Denmark

World-class digital transformation

Are we all set now that we are called Isobar? No, and we never will be because we live and breathe to deliver creative, digital transformation to our customers. We can do that even more and more in Isobar recently
was named the world's most visionary agency by Gartner.

I’ve been thrilled to have Magnetix be part of Isobar and us be part of Magnetix. We’ve learned so much from each other already, proving that innovation at its best is a two-way street.
– Jean Lin, global CEO, Isobar

Copenhagen, Denmark

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