Isobar awarded "Agency of the Year" at the Danish Digital Awards


Isobar awarded "Agency of the Year" at the Danish Digital Awards

The collaboration with Satair, Brødrene Dahl and Tivoli Gardens was rewarded with one gold, two silver and two bronze prizes at the Danish Digital Awards - and also with all three special prizes, agency of the year, company of the year and profile of the year. 

The Danish Digital Awards pay tribute to Denmark's best digital marketing work, and among the many great nominated works, a number of Isobar projects stood out and brought home prizes.

Satair is the big winner of the year 

As a global supplier of aircraft spare parts Satair is in the process of revolutionising the entire industry. Satair was awarded gold in the Analytics & AI category and silver in Marketing Automation, both for the Robo-Quote case, in which artificial intelligence help create better customer experiences. Satair also claimed silver in the Commerce category for the innovative "Drag'n'Drop buying" functionality. Based on these merits Satair was awarded "Digital Business of the Year" and Bjarke Mads Sejersen, Satair's Head of Digital and the one charge of the extensive collaboration with Isobar, was named "Profile of the Year.

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Bronze for the logistics marvel from Brødrene Dahl

In the Digital Differentiation and Design category, Brødrene Dahl received the bronze award, in recognition their logistics app “Smart Logistics”. Not only is this a fantastic tool for the drivers who deliver the goods, it improves the entire customer experience creating a real differentiation in the market.

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Bronze for the digital transformation of Tivoli Gardens 

In the final category – the prestigious Digital Transformation & Organization –commemorating long-term efforts for digital development - Tivoli Gardens received bronze for its "Magic on demand". This case tells the story of the amazing digital transformation and rethinking of 175 years of tradition in Tivoli Gardens.

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Take a moment to have a closer look at one or more of the award-winning cases. They are the achievements of excellent clients with both the ability to engage in deep collaboration and the courage to venture into new territory. We really appreciate working with you and congratulate you all!


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