Safe Key

Safe Key


The car key that saves lives.

The results

With Safe Key, the driver can only drive if proven that he didn’t ingest alcohol.

More than a traffic education campaign, we created a tecnology to save lives.

The challenge

How to reduce the number of accidents caused by drunk drivers?

More than 31k people a year looses their lives in accidents caused by alcohol. Eventhough awaring campaigns are doing their jobs, we needed something that would really solve the problem.

The solution

We created an accessory that really can save lives.

With Fiat Safe Key, the driver can only use the key if he proves that he didn’t ingest alcohol. All it is needed is a blow in the designated place and, in less than one second, the key analises the level of alcohol on blood. If the driver hasn’t consumed alcohol, the key opens the car and it will work normally.