Reckitt Benckiser Canada - Durex Playnights

Reckitt Benckiser Canada - Durex Playnights

Reckitt Benckiser Canada

We set out to show Canadians that great sex isn’t something they need to be apologetic about.

The results

In just one week, our video spot reached 1 million views and made headlines in major publications around the world.

The challenge

Lubricants have been long hidden away in the bedside table of the health category.

Durex Canada challenged us with generating mass awareness to launch their new product: Play Gel lubricants.

Many people think that lubricant is something you need to use for medical reasons, or if your sex life is lacking.

So part of the challenge was to help normalize the lubricant category by making it apparent that it can be used by anyone, and even just for fun!

The solution

Making Durex sexier then the competition.

The campaign was fronted with a racy new video spot featuring uniquely Canadian sex positions acted out by a variety of couples.

The endslate of the video drove viewers to a Facebook contest where couples could enter to win VIP tickets for one of three “Durex Play Nights” concerts this summer.

After the shows, playful Durex Brand Ambassadors intercepted concertgoers and sent them home with a full size sample to keep the night going - candidly educating fans, while helping to shift perception of the product.