Live Store

Live Store



The results

465K More than 465.000 users per month

The challenge

How to attract the public which does online shopping?

FIAT Live Store is an innovative way to experience a FIAT car and ask questions about it without even leaving home.

Consumers are used to shopping around online for their next car, and we wanted to increase the chances of that next car being a Fiat. A different way to experience a car was needed.

The solution

An online experience that will make life easier for the consumer.

We’ve created a way for users to go to a car dealership without leaving home. Only at the Fiat Live Store users have a guided-tour with an expert introducing every car, totally live. The experts use a camera that gives the users an inside-the-car-feeling, without leaving their desktops. In the end, users can schedule a test drive in the nearest Fiat seller.