Kinder Maxi King

Kinder Maxi King


Influencer cooperation for kinder Maxi King.

The results

The cooperation with the influencers gave kinder Maxi King "the cherry on top". The brand was able to purposefully position themselves in the environment of the target group.

The challenge

Sound of your life- Activation-Campaign

In the recent years Kinder Maxi King lost in the young "Always On" target group their relevance. The brand was not only missing the right approach and story but also a suitable Platform.

In order to establish the brand in the digital universe we had to give their brand character a „fresh“ look we set up a cooperation with strong national influencers (Youtube-Stars).

The solution

Refresh your life

The Targetgroup is „Always On“ and uses the web not only as a communication - but also as a self-perfomance channel.

Our influencers asked their fans to apply over a simple Maxi King question-tool and to show that their life is „fresh“ enough to turn it into a hit.

Chosen from the influencers the candidates where aloud to perform in a Musikvideo with their stars and present them self in the community.

Kinder Maxi King occurs in the background as an enabler and a strong partner.