Swaying millions to Join the Beat

Swaying millions to Join the Beat


Swaying millions of Chinese to Join the China Beat.

The results

195+ million happy beats were created (largest Olympic digital activation)

The challenge

Give China home-field advantage at the London Games in 2012

For Coca-Cola, our Olympian digital effort proved once and for all that when hundreds of millions of Chinese cheer on their heroes, they could be heard around the world.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 1.3 billion Chinese people—and leading Olympic sponsor Coca-Cola—showed the world just how to cheer one’s teams on to victory. With the 2012 Olympics being held in London, Coke wanted to find a way to ignite China’s support for their athletes while their heroes compete half a world away.

The solution

Inspire China’s Olympians with an anthem made by millions of Chinese

First, we teased interest with videos that showed Chinese athletes getting energized through song. Then we invited all of China to “Join the China Beat” and help create the actual music. Beats could be created via a fun DIY music tool, freestyle upload, even Angry Birds. We put it all together to create a powerful new anthem for China's Olympians.