All in for D Rose

All in for D Rose


Getting millions of fans to go all in for D Rose and adidas.

The results

400% increase in online searches for D Rose 3 sneakers

The challenge

Launch the D Rose 3 after Derrick’s sidelining injury

Our breakthrough, multichannel campaign #thereturn transformed NBA star Derrick Rose’s injury into a groundswell of support.

After Derrick Rose—the NBA’s youngest MVP and one of the leading faces of adidas—tore his ACL, the entire launch for his signature D Rose 3 sneaker had to be re-imagined. This inspired the creation of #thereturn (All In For D Rose), a campaign that tapped into the hearts and minds of fans to create a groundswell of support for their fallen hero.

The solution

Make fans feel like they’re a part of Derrick’s rehab process

We helped create an inspiring, unprecedented—and according to Adweek, unusual—digital campaign that allowed fans to intimately share Derrick’s journey to recovery. A responsive website, serialized YouTube videos, a Facebook app and text messages kept Rose in the public eye while encouraging fans to tweet inspirational quotes, motivational art and more.