We created a brand new artistic style in order to promote a flagship Lenovo mobile phone.

The results

A new phenomenon was created which reached over 5 million people, and still lives on.

The challenge

Moto X Force, a mobile phone with shatterproof display

According to a survey, one out of every five mobile phones today has a broken screen. That is why Lenovo developed a mobile phone with a shatterproof display - the Moto X Force. A broken display brings frustration, disappointment, sadness, hopelessness. These strong emotions and the shared experience of a broken screen had to be used to create the launch campaign for new Lenovo flagship.

The solution

Rupturalismus was born. And it was everywhere

We made a new buzzword, rupturalismus. Then, we joined up with an artist to create broken screen artworks, shooting a film about his work and the movement became popular on social media, gained attention in newspapers and on TV too. The campaign was strongly supported in digital by the means of a microsite, FB page and PR. Everyone believed in rupturalismus. In the end, we introduced a new Lenovo smartphone with a shatterproof screen.