Golem Website

Golem Website


The biggest virtual reality experience in Europe teleports people to Renaissance Prague. Our website is here to show the public what unique VR feels like.

The results

The website will make you want to experience the VR adventure.

The challenge

Now We Can Travel to Past

250 m2 of a free-roaming hyper-reality experience, 25 minutes of fun for up to 4 people. The VR place, located in Prague Hamleys store, teleports players to 16th century, where they can meet the legendary Rabi Löw and witness the ritual awakening of a mystical being, the Golem. The experience with the Oculus Rift VR glasses and special backpack is super exciting and our mission is to communicate this excitement via website.

The solution

Make It How It Feels Like, Not How It Looks Like

We managed to convey the thrill of the VR experience to its website. The main visual depicts a dramatic scene, a VR player bravely facing a Golem that looks so realistic and so horrifying. Dark colours were used, combined with a futuristic violet. The Futura typeface also helped us to achieve the desired look. Visit to see it all. Moreover, the website looks awesome on a smartphone too.