100 Billion Neurons

100 Billion Neurons


Fully digital platform transforming brand image and changing people's minds.

The results

We have created successful digital platform, that helped us to collect new 8 614 job applications. The campaign reached over 17 million people, and fully transformed the ŠKODA IT brand as the employer.

The challenge

How to make working in a car maker’s IT department desired?

The automotive industry is going through a digital revolution right now, similar to the one mobile phones had a decade ago. ŠKODA AUTO’s IT department is an exciting place for all professionals and university students, but many of them still see the company as just an uncool car manufacturer. We decided to hack this. To engage them, we had to come up with something infectious and irresistible.

The solution

100 Billion Neurons sci-fi story platform

We introduced 100 Billion Neurons - a sci-fi online story with gaming elements and real-life ŠKODA IT references and written by a well-known novelist, Petr Stančík. The Story, accompanied by concept art visuals, was serialized on our microsite. Massive hype was created among the target audience. And yes, paperbacks were printed too.