UnionPay Smart Partnership Announced


UnionPay Smart Partnership Announced

Dentsu Aegis Network China and Isobar has announced a strategic partnership with UnionPay Smart, a China UnionPay company specializing in big data applications. Combining the existing big data analytics of UnionPay Smart, with advertising and user browsing behavioral insights from Dentsu Aegis Network, the two parties will co-develop and operate a precision brand marketing platform for advertising; providing data-driven marketing solutions for brands.

It is the first ever crossover collaboration between financial data, advertising and marketing communications industries in the field of data connection. The landmark partnership has been achieved through a year-long collaborative effort between UnionPay Smart and Isobar China Group, a digital marketing agency owned by Dentsu Aegis Network. Based on research and design of business models, the project has enabled a deep integration of media and marketing data on the premise of strict privacy and data protection; creating a reciprocal ecosystem that benefits advertisers, data solution providers as well as media platforms.

Together with UnionPay Smart, Isobar China Group will establish a data management platform (DMP) targeting online advertising, synchronizing UnionPay Smart consumer portraits with browsing and search data shared by publishers. The platform empowers advertisers to map consumer insights with decision-making and buying processes, creating more accurate target audience portraits. Specifically, the data exchange will prioritize automotive, finance, maternity and infant as well as other key sectors.

Isobar China Group and UnionPay Smart will then co-develop and co-own a demand-side platform (DSP) for programmatic buying. Set on the key precondition of ensuring all data is safe and legal, the platform will incorporate online and offline behavioral data to optimize audience targeting across publishers to greatly enhance returns on investments.

Isobar China Group will collaborate with UnionPay Smart to deliver customized services for brands and media owners:

- Customer relationship management (CRM) data solutions targeting automotive, finance, maternity and infant, and other fields;
- Optimizing advertising investment solutions for key clients;
- Offering customized advertising for long-term media partners;

Founded in 2012, UnionPay Smart is a subsidiary of UnionPay. Dedicated to big data innovation, UnionPay Smart is dedicated to creating and optimizing big data platforms based on consumer data and providing diversified big data application solutions, such as industry analysis, business decisions and business strategies for China UnionPay and its partners.

Kelvin Long, Cofounder & CTO of UnionPay Smart said: “As a pioneer and advocate of enacting data privacy legislation, UnionPay Smart will push forward innovative applications of UnionPay data under relevant regulation in a safe and legal manner. This partnership is unprecedented in the history of UnionPay Smart as it’s the first time we have collaborated with a market leader in advertising that has crossover connection of big data solution at its’ core. Big data is the future of marketing, but it cannot be achieved without massive real data, cutting-edge data mining technology and expertise in data analytics. UnionPay Smart has exclusive data of tagged consumer behavior and leading big data technology; Dentsu Aegis Network has access to unparalleled data and intelligence in digital and marketing. Through the integration of our own strengths on the precondition of protecting data safety and privacy, our shared vision is to enable brands to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. ”

Commenting on the partnership with UnionPay Smart, Phil Teeman, Group Managing Director, Dentsu Aegis Network China, said: “Dentsu Aegis Network has always attached great importance to the collection and application of data. We have been continuously investing in consumer insight studies, which include the unique CCS (Consumer Connection Study), the largest consumer survey in China, and our Brand and Consumer Data Analyzing Platform - Code 1. Data integration is critical and we have been working to bring all of our data together into one platform – consumer data, ad data, and performance data. Our partnership with UnionPay Smart will further reinforce that focus on big data. As the leading integrated communications group with digital at its core, we will work with UnionPay Smart to develop more industry beneficial data products to support brands’ ‘internet plus’ strategy in China.”

Jane Lin-Baden, CEO of Isobar China Group added: “Brand consulting has always been our focus. We are dedicated to applying real time big data to the modelling and delivery of brand commerce. The data solution with UnionPay Smart is able to meet the needs of brand commerce, incorporating brand experiences with purchasing decision making, in order to identify consumer motives more precisely in the last mile. This is a significant milestone for Isobar China Group.”

As the largest digital advertising group in China, Dentsu Aegis Network is also the first to drive integrated digital marketing communications in the industry; serving top brands spanning automotive, finance, retail, maternity and infant as well as other fields. Isobar China Group, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, is a full service digital marketing agency, driven by the aim of delivering marketing solutions with borderless ideas enabled by technology and new media communications, to transform businesses and brands.


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