blue-infinity Linked by Isobar's #TechChallenge2017 attracts top innovative talent

blue-infinity Linked by Isobar recently hosted #TechChallenge2017 in partnership with the University of Coimbra and BEST in Lisbon. The live event offered participants the opportunity to develop a real project from scratch, guided by 40 blue-infinity innovation experts.

To join the event, teams of students entered online and were preselected based on their level of diversity across technical expertise, the subject they were studying, and motivation. This ensured a balanced selection with maximum potential for a diverse range of ideas and solutions.

Ten teams of four students had 40 hours to answer the brief, with the goal for each team to showcase their technical skills, teamwork and innovation. The winning team received a three-month internship at blue-infinity Linked by Isobar, with the runner-up team winning entry into the blue-infinity Ambassador Programme.

It was a gruelling live event, with participants arriving on Friday evening, welcomed by the blue-infinity Linked by Isobar team, with the competition beginning at 10pm. Saturday was a full day with a flurry of project planning, ideating and coding, with the blue-infinity mentors  on-hand to assist.

Sunday saw the final push, with the teams finalising their projects and presenting them to the jury - a panel compiled of three experts from the programming, management and leadership teams. The resulting solutions ranged from machine learning, artificial intelligence, personality testing, to gaming and 3D.  The closing ceremony was a chance for everybody to reflect on the last 40 hours and listen to the semi-finalists’ ideas.

The winning team and runner-up were chosen based on their ability to combine technical expertise and innovation with an original concept, in addition to how well they work as a team and with other teams.  The First prize was awarded to an idea called "Unexpected Token" for Pixel-Perfect, a 2D 4x4 matrix model of individual profiles which stacks to a 3D representation of the entire team, with “floating pixels” to reveal team relationships in social and professional connections and evolution in soft and technical skills.

The runner-up prize went to "rIoTers” for their gamification tool, Gimi, which helps with project optimisation. Within the game, employees would build a profile of their skills and personal traits, and according to these characteristics and time availability they will be selected for a project based on a machine learning algorithm to optimise team selection.

Participant, Madalena Cardoso, said about her experience, “It was amazing to see the number of blue-infinity staff ready to help, support and laugh with us, no matter what our idea was or how little we knew about some technical subjects. When I went home, my heart was leaping with joy. Thank you for being the people that inspire me to chase my dreams!”

blue-infinity Linked by Isobar, Portugal Country Manager, Jorge Conceicao, expressed that,The event brought out the best in all of us, above all a passion for digital and teamwork... two things we cannot do without, in order to be successful. We thank the students and our team for their dedication.”

Mentor Ivo Alexandre, a .Net expert, talked about the feeling amongst the teams,As you would expect the blue-infinity TechChallenge was a successful event, and something we are passionate about. As a mentor, seeing the team commitment was a privilege and showed how people embraced our company spirit. Congratulations to all teams and best of luck.”

Bruno Fuzeiro, Co-organiser and Developer at blue-infinity Linked by Isobar, reflected on the passion amongst the students, “This was an amazing experience to share, 40 hours with such bright minds. The students surpassed my expectations with their ideas and sharing our culture and expertise during this weekend was a true privilege. We’ve created strong ties with the students and we look forward to continued collaboration with BEST and the University of Coimbra.”

Joao Figueiredo, Co-organiser and Talent Finder for blue-infinity in Portugal said, “This was a fantastic event where our company values could help guide an influential group of new and exciting talent. All are true winners and are amazing, dedicated, devoted, enthusiastic and passionate people.”

Catarina Vaz, Portugal Facilities Manager was impressed by the young talent, ”The participants quickly understood our culture at blue-infinity and easily integrated with the mentors. Their behaviour was mature and respectful despite their young age. Many of them expressed their desire to work with us in the future.”

Find out more about the #TechChallenge2017, and find out about Isobar here.


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