Warm Up For Love

Warm Up For Love


Bridging the emotional gap between parents and children, the campaign delivered impressive business results, great consumer experience as well as the caring brand image.

The results

After the first week of campaign, 91,327 applications were submitted. A total of 78 million buzz was created on social channels.

The challenge

How to establish brand awareness and boost sales for the new player in China?

Chinese seniors can be very thrifty on nutritional consumption and don’t have the habit of consuming dairy products. Moreover, Chinese people are generally not good at expressing their love face to face to their parents. How can we design a brand experience that enables dad and mom to remember to consume nutritional supplements and at the same time feel the warmth and love from their kids, whenever they drink the milk?

The solution

Create a touching brand experience that ties the product benefits and consumers love together.

We worked with the manufacturer to design a mug that responds to temperature. When filled with hot water, the mug shows a personal message. We also designed a mobile platform for consumers to order products with the mug and enable consumers to tailor-make personal messages to parents. Mug and products are purchased through an e-Commerce platform and sent from Abbott to those parents.