Kung-Fu Noodles

Kung-Fu Noodles


When Kung-Fu Panda Po meets KSF Pickle Noodles...

The results

The integrated campaign creates a brilliant brand experience for consumers and got approximately 50 million views within 2 weeks.

The challenge

To become the leading brand in the pickle noodles category.

KSF Pickle Noodles has been striving to become leading brand for years but has always been a little behind .
How to attract young people to prefer and consume more KSF Pickle Noodles?

The solution

Leverage strong entertainment content to create a special episode.

From the standpoint of panda “PO”, we work together with DreamWorks to explore similarities between KSF brand culture and Kung-Fu Panda movie background. We produce a special “Kung-Fu of Noodles” based on “32 recipes of pickles”. The product itself can serve as a social connection to all channels during movie release phase.