Isobar China Group Helped Taobao to Launch ‘Double 12’ Campaign


Isobar China Group Helped Taobao to Launch ‘Double 12’ Campaign kicked off its annual Double 12 Shopping Carnival on November 30th, immediately after celebrating a boost in sales of 91.217 billion RMB on Double 11. Isobar China Group, the lead agency of Taobao Double 12 campaign, helped Taobao with its creative strategy and execution. The whole campaign was conducted by Isobar China Group Agencies Isobar, Trio Isobar and Verawom-Linked by Isobar.

Isobar China Group was appointed one of Taobao’s annual creative agency partners after a competitive pitch in August of this year.

After setting a sales record again this year on Double 11, the biggest annual event of Alibaba Group, the e-commerce giant faced a big challenge: How to ignite an online shopping frenzy and stimulate sales with only a one month gap? And how to create an intriguing, interactive brand experience in one campaign to encourage young people to purchase, while showcasing the unlimited possibilities and fun that Taobao can bring?

The search results for fast-moving consumer goods on have reached 800 million. What the 800 million findings present are not merely a result of, but also the infinite possibilities of life. To be attractive to modern youths, Taobao needed to act as more than just a shopping platform by providing a better brand experience.

The aim of the site was to be concise yet engaging, and situated on the entry page of Double 12, ‘The Surprising City’, and it went live at 00:00 on December 1st.

Serving as the portal of Double 12, ‘The Surprising City’ is designed to resemble an enchanting bazaar. Within 2 months, Trio Isobar has developed the client’s original idea of ‘The Surprising City’ with 20 themes into a wonderland with exquisite details. Entirely different from traditional approaches of E-commerce promotion pages, the city allows customers to truly enjoy ‘The fun of Tao’ and be constantly amazed by the unexpected and limitless possibilities of Taobao.

Visually presented through different theme islands, via a brand-new immersive interactive experience, ‘The Surprising City’ has worked with over 200 of the most distinctive and appealing stores on Taobao, promoting them under the spotlight with refined selling points for customers to explore.

All the creative ideas of the theme islands were constructed through mining sales data to analyse the shopping behaviour and preferences of young consumers. Meanwhile contents featuring ‘The Fun of Tao’ stories, commodities, sellers, people, and businesses were organized and displayed to demonstrate the omnipotence of Taobao.

To bring the concept of ‘The Surprising City’ to life, Trio Isobar collaborated with Hearst Corporation, the leading lifestyle media network to open offline pop-up stores named ‘Tao to the N’, simultaneously in four major cities in China from December 1st to 6th. Set up in 16 unique containers, these four ‘Biggest Little Boutiques’ stores allow consumers to navigate and enjoy the culture of Beijing, the fashion in Shanghai, the future of science and technology in Hangzhou, and LOHAS in Chengdu.

To further enhance the consumer experience of the  ‘Tao for Fun’ theme, Verawom - Linked by Isobar produced a rap song for enthusiastic shoppers, a music video featuring  ‘The Fun of Tao’, and a series of outdoor ads; shouting out loud the voice of the young generation with the line,  ‘Life is about having fun, not just paying out.’

‘The Fun of Tao’ video:

Laura Wu, General Manager of Isobar and the project leader said, “The Double 12 is one of the most important events of It is a great honour as well as a challenge for us to be the leading agency. By integrating the resources of Isobar China Group, we present ‘The Surprising City’ as  a major  online platform to showcase the diversity of commodities on Taobao, exemplify the ultimate richness of commodities by offline communications under the theme of ‘Tao to the N’ and produce videos and outdoor campaigns featuring ‘Tao for Fun’. As a result, we’ve managed to accomplish the core strategy and emotional appeals of ‘The Fun of Tao’. Once again, I want to thank the client for this opportunity to contribute our ideas and services to the grandest annual campaign of Taobao.”

Jane Lin-Baden, CEO of Isobar China Group added, “Through integrating resources and expertise from all agencies in the network, Isobar China Group is devoted to providing a seamless brand commerce service with digital technology at its heart. The Taobao Double 12 project is an integrated campaign that makes us proud. ‘The Surprising City’ not only enables an amazing brand experience, but also serves as a tool that drives traffic and portal to stimulate sales along with videos, outdoor and offline communications. We look forward to building up new experiences and successes for the Double 12 campaign.”

Shanghai, China

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