Baltic e-commerce retailer outperforms

Baltic e-commerce retailer outperforms


Pigu, a leading Baltic online retailer, wanted to develop a CRM solution, which will allow them to meet their customers' needs and keep up with customer-focused communications trends.

The results

Pigu is able to target/personalise specific messages to their customers through Salesforce as well as quickly launch communication campaigns and fully customise offers on one single platform.

Thanks to an improved segmentation of customers, direct communication via e-mails and SMS, the overall communication costs have reduced. Salesforce has enabled financial savings due to more efficient delivery of messages that utilizes the customer journey communication.

"The level of satisfaction while working with blue-Infinity on Salesforce implementation was very high. I am happy with the benefits this solution has brought us, leading us to continue our journey of unifying the customer communication platforms.," added Giedre Vilke, Chief Marketing Officer of Pigu.


The challenge

Communicating to the right customers

The preferred means of communication in the Baltics is via SMS, although it is a costly channel of communication, companies such as Pigu rely heavily on this medium to communicate to their customers.  

As the largest Baltic online retailer, Pigu developed a CRM solution, which over time ceased to meet their customer needs and keep up with customer-focused communications trends.

In order to launch communication campaigns and target the right customers very fast and with fully customised offers thereby achieving company’s core goal, Pigu decided to overhaul their CRM solution, selecting Salesforce Marketing Cloud as their CRM solution and blue-infinity as their implementation partner.   

The solution

Customer segmentation and targeting

Pigu gained considerable market share over the years in both Latvia & Estonia and is ranked among the most progressive brands in the Baltic states. To retain their market dominance, they had to transform their customer relationship management (CMS) as they were unable to effectively engage their customers due to limited customer segmentation and targeting.

Following an analysis, Pigu decided to implement Salesforce to support their current needs in marketing automation along with future growth & requirements.

"We have linked Salesforce to Google Analytics, implemented a predictive intelligence tool, designed a new format of e-newsletters, increased their relevance, set a proper communication strategy with their users with respect to their activity," Justinas Pesliak, Senior Marketing Automation consultant, Isobar Switzerland explains.

For more information, please contact, Kateřina Křížová, Relationship Manager, Isobar Switzerland