Business Transformation

Most big incumbent companies have been designed based on a linear process of input and output and making small changes to their current businesses. While these won in the analog economy, winning in the new economy throws up a whole new set of challenges. To win in the digital economy, designing and deploying digital tactics or even optimising the current business approach no longer enables companies to address these challenges. 

It needs a fundamental re-imagination of the ways of doing business, as well as its potential outcomes. The formula for business growth is to develop strategies that reposition a businesses core offering as well as explore and create new products and services. The key to winning in the new normal is to start with the customer experience and work backward through the entire value chain.

Isobar’s business and brand transformation practice partners businesses to unlock new and different sources of economic growth, with the creative use of digital.

The typical outcomes are
1. Defining the vision – a north star for a new business;
2. Grow today’s business - incremental improvements to reposition and protect the current core;
3. New revenue streams - new market opportunities, via new products, new brands, or acquisitions, to meet the needs of new digital consumers;
4. Organise for growth – organisation and change management.

The services we offer are: Total Brand Experience - Re-visioning and building a sum total of useful and enjoyable omnichannel interactions with the customer Business model innovation - Swiftly explore entirely new market opportunities, via new products, new brands, or acquisitions, to meet the needs of new digital consumers. Empowering Organizations - Rewire how the business operates to embrace the innovations that support the seamless digital customer experience.

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