What makes millennials tick?


What makes millennials tick?

Millennials: at the heart of the digital age; grew up from the mid 1980s to the early 2000s in an online and socially-networked world; the generation that has received maximum marketing attention. But are their consumer needs and motivations completely different to their older generation counterparts?

Louise Veyret, Director of Research and Consumer Insight and team at Dentsu Aegis Network surveyed more than 4,400 English and French Canadians online, showing that there is a true millennial disconnect and a missed opportunity for brands with this generation, with as much as 58% of the millennial population currently not being reached.

Millennials need social recognition and belonging, and to be recognised by others for the person they aspire to be. What data-driven agency Merkle found in their studies “is that they actually seek individualised products or features that help them be… noticed.” They still aspire to be socially recognised. They expect a brand or a company to help them with one-to-one marketing, by customising products or experiences.

By activating this need, we become more relevant and captivating to Millenials.

What are millennials core platforms of interaction?

Millennials are digital natives who are comfortable with using multiple channels to interact and engage with brands. Four core platforms they’re most savvy with include Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.

Millennials are a creative generation. They need an outlet to express and share this creative side, and Instagram is it. If your company can tap into this creativity and create content and graphics that are visually appealing, as well as relevant to the times, Instagram will surely serve you well. 

With Snapchat, it is especially important that you correctly market on this humor-based platform. This network can be a great marketing tool by letting your audience see what your brand or company is doing day to day. Let your followers know when new things are happening, or even put out promotions and your consumers will feel as though they are in the office right next to you and it will create trust and a more intimate feeling.

Facebook and Twitter when used correctly, can be extremely potent. Promote direct interaction; customers can comment their feelings, ideas, and questions on these platforms and it makes them feel special by creating a foundation of trust between your brand and the consumer.

How can companies appeal to millenials?

A study of millennial digital preferences by Trendera found that the success factor for brands to create a relationship with their costumer and engage them, is to propose relevant and impactful content and interact directly with their fans. "Brands need to be able to engage and respond in a matter of minutes, not hours," notes the study.


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